Occupational Safety & Health Services

We aim to provide a broad range of affordable consultancy services such as safety & health management systems, risk assessment, and safety advisory for local SMEs. Our one-stop service includes:


    1. Assessing EHS’s compliance and recommending solutions.
    2. Provide Occupational Safety and Health Consultation
    3. Third-Party Accident / Incident Investigations
    4. Safety and Health Management System (SHMS) development
    5. Risk Management and Risk Assessment Services
    6. MOM ATP for SSIC General Trade Course
    7. MOM ATP for SSIC Hot Work Course
    8. MOM ATP for SSIC Painter Trade Course
    9. MOM ATP for Shipyard Supervisor Safety Course

Engineering Services


We offer engineering solutions and provide manpower supply services with expertise in fabrication, installation, and commissioning works for MNC.


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